Day 2

Facing Yourself


Today we’ll explore the idea of self acceptance in this current moment. It’s easy to judge ourselves, but we often don't wonder how we became who we are in this moment. What led us here? Are our current responses what we learned to do to best cope with things that became too much for us?

We all have different stories and different histories, but we’ve often arrived at who we are at this moment by doing our best. By doing what was in our capacity to do.

This challenge is helping you explore the idea of gaining a bit more capacity to begin a process of evolving. In today’s exercise, we’re going to welcome a sense of non judgement and radical acceptance about who we are in this moment. We’ll also get a bit more in touch with some of the emotions we hold about ourselves.

Remember, when you do the exercise expressed in the video, notice and track your body, your feelings, your sensations, and your emotions.

What To Do Today:

1. Watch today’s short video.

2. To kick off your YOU time, do the 8 minute audio exercise. You can listen to the exercise via the button below the video.

3. After the audio exercise, do the mirror exercise. If the mirror exercise feels like too much, try it with your eyes closed in a comfortable space.

4. Complete the worksheet as you reflect on how you felt during the experience (download below).

For the rest of your YOU time, do whatever you wish within the guidelines.

5. Share some thoughts in the comments below.


Download Day 2 Worksheet
Audio Exercise
8 Minute Neurosensory Exercise