Day 4

Building Awareness


Today we’re going to bring attention to ssslllloowwwwwiinngg down. Hopefully that didn’t make things feel tired – what I mean by slowing down is becoming more aware, more intentional, and less rushed in our movements and tasks.

Further, we’re going to increase our awareness of our external reality through an exercise that uses our senses to explore our environment – this is called engaging our neuroception.

Being able to being aware of our external environment while staying connected to our body can improve our day to day nervous system regulation over time. It also helps us orient to our environment, be more aware of it, and send signals of safety back to our nervous system.

What To Do Today:

1. Watch today’s short video.

2. Set an alarm or cue for today that will go off about 5 or 6 times throughout your day. When the alarm goes off, do the short 1 or 2 minute exercise described in the video.

3. To kick off your YOU time, do the 8 minute audio exercise. You can listen to the exercise via the button below the video.

4. Complete the worksheet as you reflect on how you felt throughout the day. (Download below)

For the rest of your YOU time, do whatever you wish within the guidelines.
5. Share some thoughts in the comments on the video page if you wish.


Download Day 4 Worksheet
Audio Exercise
8 Minute Neurosensory Exercise