Day 5

Moving Forward


Today we will think about how we can integrate the concepts we learned so far into our life moving forward, and how we can take small and practical steps towards shifting the main thing we wanted to shift about ourselves from Day 1.

We'll talk a bit about titration, which is a way of taking small steps within our capacity to approach habits, changes, routines projects etc. Titration helps us explore what is too much, what might be too little, all while making what we want to do possible. Of course, we can stay connected to our body and experience as we explore how actions feel.

The key is finding the balance between moving too quickly and moving to slowly per se, but remaining playful and curious so this doesn't become a stressful over examination.

When we try to make changes, most often we try to do too much too quickly, and then things fall off quite fast and we're not sure why. As you embrace your change, notice if feelings of overwhelm arise, notice if feelings of “this is too much” arise. Instead of always barreling through to PUSH yourself, see what it feels like to take a small step back.

This was one of the most powerful ways for me to truly embrace and change habits over the years, and interestingly it's often not talked about as doing everything at once seems to be the norm that's pitched - yet it often fails.

You got this! Have fun with it.

What To Do Today:

1. Watch today’s short video.


2. To kick off your YOU time, do the 8 minute audio exercise. You can listen to the exercise via the button below the video.

3. Set an alarm or cue for today that will go off about 5 or 6 times throughout your day. When the alarm goes off, do the short 1 or 2 minute exercise YOU CHOOSE from day 3 or 4.

4. Complete the worksheet as you reflect on how you felt throughout the day and what ONE thing you can do to start moving forward. (Download below)

For the rest of your YOU time, do whatever you wish within the guidelines.

5. Share some thoughts in the comments on the video page if you wish.


Download Day 5 Worksheet
Audio Exercise
8 Minute Neurosensory Exercise