Learn How To Master Discernment

In this exclusive workshop series, mind-body coach and Harvard trained journalist Nadia Qasmieh teaches the theory and practice behind building discernment, intuition, and inner clarity.


A Look At The Series


Attuning To Somatic Cues

You’ll take the first step in attuning to your body’s cues for greater clarity and confidence in a world of information overload.

Learn the difference between sensing and feeling, and practice increasing your interoceptive awareness – the sixth sense that offers wisdom to navigate uncertainty.

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Finding Your Center

You’ll explore what it means to find your centre. Through theory and practice, you’ll learn to sense and feel into your centre via interoceptive awareness. You'll learn to centre in dignity, connection, depth, and purpose - a practice that will support you in approaching complexity with greater presence, openness, and resilience. This will become a place that you can reliably check in with and come back to on a daily basis as you continue to sharpen your discernment.

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Shifting Your Baseline

Learn to pinpoint your emotional baseline and learn how to shift it. By shifting your emotional baseline to a more centred, coherent state, you'll create a mental space that will allow you to think more clearly and make decisions with greater discernment. Through practice and theory, you'll become better equipped to assess situations, consider different perspectives, and make choices that align with your values and goals.

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Completing Your Stress Response

Identify the difference between stress and stressor, and why it’s important to complete the stress response cycle to move through activations and process blocked emotions. Through theory and somatic practice, you’ll learn to mobilize trapped energy and go back to your center and more optimal discernment ability.

Live Jan 25th, 2024


Increasing Your Window of Tolerance

Understand the difference between stress and trauma, and how our emotions and nervous system affect one another. Through theory and somatic practice, you’ll learn to increase your window of tolerance to meet stressors with more emotional regulation and a clearer mental state to process information and make more grounded decisions.

Live Feb 29th, 2024


Adopting Secure Adaptive Strategies

Dive into how our ability to live an embodied life goes back to our initial template and that our attachment style determines how we see the world. Through theory and practice, you’ll learn to increase the sense of safety in your soma and shift to more secure adaptive strategies to access your inner guidance and view the world from a clearer lens.

Live Mar 28th, 2024


Nadia Qasmieh


Nadia comes from the worlds of journalism, marketing, and personal branding. After experiencing many synchronicities early in her career, she wondered: How can we tap into our inner guidance so these synchronicities become more accessible and on-demand?

She spent the last decade learning energy healing, feng shui, coherence and personal resilience, somatic experiencing, and somatic attachment therapy and coaching. She has found that aligning the heart, mind, and nervous system is the key to inspired action and discernment. 

What People Are Saying About The Series...

"So far, this series is a great companion to the content you guys create on The Pulse & CE. It's nice to have something to follow to build skills and more awareness of my inner self."


- Anthony

"I very much appreciated when you were focusing on 'true self' in the first session. I believe working on recognizing and allowing 'true me' is foundational."


- Sandra

"This is a great addition to the Explorer Lounge!! Improving my discernment is a big focus for me right now. I really love how this workshop brings me into calm and self-awareness as a path to clarity. Thank you for your work!" 


- Terry

A Message From The Explorer Lounge Creator

"I believe this series is important because as we move through a time of great upheaval and change, we are invited into the chaos and tension that's emerging all around us.

It makes it hard to navigate our own wellness nevermind trying to figure out what is actually true out there.

To me, this means we must take a different approach than what we typically see out there.

If you appreciate the grounded, balanced, and heart-centred approach of our work with Collective Evolution & The Pulse, you'll love this series. It focuses on building the skills and levels of awareness necessary to tap into our intuition, inner clarity and discernment.

It's an honor to have Nadia sharing this work within the Explorer Lounge community."

- Joe Martino


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General Disclaimer:

The content, discussions, and activities within this session (series) are intended to provide educational and informative insights into somatic awareness and personal development. This group coaching session is not a substitute for professional therapy. Nadia is not a licensed therapist. Her role is that of a mind-body coach, offering guidance and knowledge to help participants explore their personal growth and self-awareness. All participants are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their own well-being and choices, and seek professional help when needed. Any decisions or actions they take as a result of this session (series) are their own responsibility. Thank you for your participation and commitment to your personal growth journey.