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Collective Evolution is a conscious media and education company focused on helping to shift our world through two key avenues:

News Media – reporting on world events through a truly neutral lens, and exploring the role these events play in the evolution of human consciousness.

Consciousness Education – Providing viewers with the solutions and tools necessary to build self-awareness, expand consciousness, connect with self and be an integral part of shifting our world. Of course this means Collective Evolution and our content is not slanted to either political side.

Founded by Joe Martino 2009, CE has grown to become one of the world’s most popular conscious media outlets that provides readers and viewers an opportunity to expand their consciousness, unlock their potential and reshape their everyday way of being.

CE’s unique formula merges consciousness and spirituality with all aspects of life and events we experience on a regular basis.

CE’s content ranges from articles, to videos, to podcasts, to live events, all of which share one common goal: to raise awareness about how our world functions, and to encourage conscious change that moves beyond it.

Who is Collective Evolution?

All CE content is brought into conscious existence by an awesome, (but not too awesome) dynamic (but not too dynamic) community of writers, filmmakers, editors, speakers and other phenomenally creative minds… but not too phenomenal.

To contact CE for radio or media appearances please use our contact form found by clicking the contact menu button.

Joe Martino talks about the journey of creating CE during his TEDx talk.

Core Team

Joe Martino
Dulce Ruby
Arjun Walia
James McDougall
Amanda Monteiro

Richard Enos
Adrian Ricci
Linda Martino



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Podcast: The Collective Evolution Podcast

Collective Evolution Media LTD is the legal entity behind the operating name Collective Evolution and it is solely owned by Joe Martino. Our team consists of highly passionate journalists who stick to rigid quality standards. We are funded entirely by our own efforts, banner advertisements, our CETV platform and by viewers through our CMM campaign. Our financials are all completely transparent on this page.

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