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You may know the philosophical insight stating that the moment you label something, it loses its wonder and potential - I'm paraphrasing here.

There is a quote from Adyashanti: "As soon as you believe that a label you’ve put on yourself is true, you’ve limited something that is literally limitless, you’ve limited who you are into nothing more than a thought.”

This idea can be applied to ourselves, other people, things etc. When you call a flower a flower, we may never see it the same way. We may look at it with jaded eyes... "That's just a flower."

It's true, we need words to communicate with one another in a shared reality, but what happens when words stop our ability to evolve, inquire or be curious about something?

As you know, my passion is in expanding societal consciousness as a path to creating a thriving world. Within the discussion of societal change is often the design of our society, elite power, governments, money etc. It's very often that the word 'evil' is applied.

"Evil people are in government, doing evil things and creating evil ideas... the elite are evil."

To me, calling something or someone 'evil' disrupts our ability to solve what challenges emerge from them.

Good and evil have been concepts that have caused many wars, destructive ideas, and divisions. It's because they are subjective, and either polarity can use them to their advantage.

To develop solutions to problems in our lives, relationships... or even in society as a whole, we must understand problems at their core and be able to communicate them as objectively as possible, where we can find common ground.

This means stepping beyond cheap labels and being more curious about what's causing something to play out.

I invite you to check out this clip between myself and Irene Lyon as we spoke about this concept of good and evil, neutrality and what it truly means, and how this relates to embodied sensemaking.

“Taking responsibility for your beliefs and judgments gives you the power to change them.” ~Byron Katie

Embodying Curiosity

To ask deeper questions about WHY something or someone is the way they are, we can begin with the awareness that we aren't asking this question. We've labelled something and moved on.

To become curious about it again is to intend to be more present with it and develop an open heart and open mind about it. This moves us toward embodied sensemaking... a concept that includes the practices of presence, awareness of how we feel about something, why we might be triggered or not by something, and whether we're truly listening to everyone involved.

On Taking Sides

The key in my suggestion to be curious and not take sides is that we can still end up with a stance on something, but it does not become rigid and entrenched in our identity. We remain as conscious beings with flexibility.

Embodied sensemaking helps us be more present and aware of our bias, it invites connection between people and other perspectives, and thus we can evolve and change our mind more simply as new information becomes available as opposed to being stuck defending our point of view to death.

For those interested in deeper practice and reflection on this topic, check out our Explorer Lounge membership, the theme is EMBODY.

We’ll focus on embodiment as it relates to our 3 key categories of transformation, sensemaking, and emerging futures.

Video reflections, guided embodiment practices, and a live workshop will take place throughout the month.

My intention is that by the end of this month, you’ll build greater attunement to your body and the knowing and messages made available there.

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