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I was reflecting on how tough our times can appear with all the chaos going on right now. It can feel like things aren't changing, only getting worse, or are headed for disaster.

I can understand that feeling and see a possibility of even greater chaos... but I'm actually seeing a ton of positive change that perhaps not everyone may notice without a reference point...

Most of what I want to talk about relates to awareness and conversation. I want to make two key points in today's newsletter...

But first I want to share a piece I wrote in 2014 about conversation to set the context of what things were like back then. It is posted below.

Setting Context

"Conversation is powerful. Conversation often emerges based on where we place our attention. Our attention takes in information from around us and opens it up for discussion.

The challenge is that generally conversations are limited based on the belief systems and values that make up our culture.

If we imagine culture as the values and belief systems that become normal for a group of people, or even an entire country, we can see how they determine how we understand ourselves and our place in the world. These values also determine how we make meaning and define purpose in life.

From here, culture informs how we design and coordinate the actions we take.

If our attention is always placed on the old ways of doing things, the old ways of knowing and being - our conversations will always be the same and continually reinforce old patterns and actions.

If you are like me, you feel that our existing culture is driven by a paradigm of separation, dominance, and authority over nature. It results in human-centric beliefs within nature and the destruction of ourselves and our planet.

In this paradigm, people are defined by how much they can contribute to an economy of extraction, not by who they are as conscious beings.

5 years ago (2009) I founded Collective Evolution to be a part of changing conversations being had around me and the world. My goal was to help create a shift in consciousness.

I had no idea our platform would grow to reach many millions of people, but I had a sense that my thoughts were important and I needed to make space to allow the idea of Collective Evolution to emerge.

Slowly, I’m seeing the collective conversation in the world begin to change. Because there are now more conversations for people to explore, entirely new and outside-the-box ideas are emerging as possibilities in people’s consciousness.

This is what I mean by changing the conversation. It creates a ripple effect we can’t possibly imagine in the complexity of our collective consciousness and is the basis for how we explore ideas beyond old paradigms."

The Key Points

1. The article provides a 10 year reference point from today, and it shows MASSIVE change in my eyes.

Back then it was a pretty lonely place for talking about things like government corruption, big pharma, mainstream media propaganda, emerging new worldviews and consciousness... we'd often get laughed at for talking about such things.

Back then, the masses did not recognize there was much of a problem with our systems. People trusted mainstream media, social media companies, Google, and believed deeply that our political systems could change things.

Now though, that has changed significantly. Some of the biggest channels and podcasts in the world talk about these subjects, and 85% of populations in GDP countries recognize whole systems change is necessary.

Simply: conversation then led to greater awareness and new action today. It changed culture.

Regardless of chaos today, this is a very inspiring shift in our culture. It has the masses recognizing and talking about the need for change.

Awareness is always the first step.

2. The stage is set for the next layer of conversation.

With awareness of a problem and a willingness to discuss it, we can now expand the conversation to clearly define the problem to move toward a solution.

To clearly define the problem is to look deeper at what drives them.

This means going beyond simply blaming elites, politicians or 'whites' for problems, and looking more deeply at the human dynamics, systems design, and consciousness driving our world.

It's getting in touch with a new story. One that can be spoken about practically and felt experientially, leading us to conversations that emerge from and refine that story.

The Takeaway

Feeling like shit about the state of the world is on the table as a choice... but don't forget to bring into your awareness the fact that things have MASSSSSIIVVEELLYY changed over the last 15 years.

People think the world woke up through COVID... and certainly millions more did, but I've been watching large chunks of people wake up every couple of years for well over a decade now.

This is the process. We're in it.

Reflection & Action: Do you have a sense or hunger to explore something new? To respond to what feels like a crisis unfolding in our world? What can you do to attune to new conversations? How can you seek them out and ignite them with those around you?"

Transform you, transform the world.

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