CE Insight: What To Do When Experts Don't Agree

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During COVID, the masses were faced with a BIG question: who do I believe when it comes to pertinent facts around COVID-19?

It might be simple to say that the mainstream narrative was mostly wrong, and the alternative was mostly right, but I do believe it was much more complex than that.

I myself saw thousands of pieces of content and posts in the alt-media space over the last few years that were flat out false.

We got THOUSANDS of emails from people stating things like:

"I don't know what's true anymore."
"I don't know who to trust."
"I can't even keep up with information because everyone is saying something different."

It was a moment where experts did not agree. And some experts were not even allowed to talk.

Further, the position government and mainstream media takes can often be simple: "the masses aren't equipped to understand, so just believe everything we have to say."

And when people don't simply believe, they are shamed and censored. Thankfully, people are seeing through this tactic.

But to think we will not go through more moments like COVID confusion in the near future may be a naive outlook to have.

Subjects around climate change, transhumanism, economic instability, wars, AI, and more, will all likely be situations where we see more censorship and more warring narratives.

Thus, we are in a time where we are going to have to increase our ability to be comfortable enough in uncertainty so we can bring intuition, embodiment, and clear thinking into the equation.

No, it's not likely intuition alone will provide you all the answers to a situation, but it is a powerful guide in the process of sensemaking, which should not be a purely cognitive exercise.

I was recently reminded of conversation my good friend Madhava and I had back in 2021 about this very topic of what to do when experts don't agree..

I want to share it with you today as I believe it contains some incredibly important knowledge and tools to better navigate what will likely be an uncertain and evolutionary decade moving forward.

Check it out. 


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