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Please use the email below to contact us for general inquiries, story ideas, membership information, or more information about CE. If you are interested in having Joe Martino (CE’s founder) or another journalist on your radio show or television program, you can reach out to the below email as well.


There are so many great videos scattered throughout the Internet. Whether they are created by you or are something that you found and would love to share with the world, the best way to have your video looked at is to post it in our CE Community.

The CE Community is a great way to have your video made accessible to the entire CE community with the potential of sparking a conversation surrounding the videos content. Feedback, connections and even re-posting are some of things that the discussion board has and continues to help to create. It's also worth noting that CE team members moderate the forum regularly and will take a look at anything that sparks our interest. Check out our CE Community now!

As agents of change, we always love to hear and see when other groups or individuals have taken the initiative to start their own projects. As much as we would like to connect with you on all of them, our team is small and we do not have the manpower or time to go through the dozens of collaboration requests we can at times receive daily in addition to our other projects/work.

Rather than contacting us via e-mail, we suggest that groups/individuals looking to collaborate or make connections post their project/idea via our CE Community. This allows you to communicate the opportunity to our entire network. In addition to the possibility of connecting with other CE site users, we also regularly moderate our discussion boards and will be able to familiarize ourselves with the project and identify whether or not there is any way that we can help. Share with us here!

CE was created for the people by the people. Our goal is to spread awareness, inspire positive change, and create a community where anyone can come to seek assistance in any aspect of their life journey.

Our hope is to see a community of people all helping one another with each other's personal struggles/stories, and for this reason we highly recommend utilizing our CE Community for assistance of any kind. Through this medium we will whole heartedly do our best to answer your big questions, and at the same time there will also be an entire community of people ready to share advice based on their own personal experiences. Please see the CE Community to chat further!

With the rate at which CE is expanding, we receive many emails daily regarding advertising opportunities. We do our best to review any opportunity presented, however we may not be able to respond to everyone who reaches out to us! Thank you for your consideration and time!

Before contacting us with a general inquiry please see our other message subjects to be sure that your question/concern does not fall under one of these categories.

We receive a number of e-mails daily and we do our best to keep up with them, however we cannot guarantee a response to everything.

Thanks for your help in spreading awareness and creating change, we couldn't do it without your support!

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