Ep. 5 | Trauma, Embodiment & Being

The word trauma is a tough one. (Perhaps we can also consider this nervous system health.) Its meaning can be very different depending on who you talk to, and given the content of what we're going to talk about in today's episode, it's important we define it. This I do in the early minutes of the episode.

In the context I lay out, trauma is a fact of all of our lives. This statement is important to reflect on because our understanding of trauma has updated dramatically over the last 30 years or so, and when looking at our modern world it's hard not to see that trauma will creep in. Yet this knowledge has not made it very far into mainstream medicine nor public consciousness just yet. The good news is, a swell is growing.

What exactly is trauma? What role does trauma play in our lives? How does it affect our relationships, health and the lens through which we see our world? We explore these questions as well as the primary antidotes to shifting our physiology to integrate and process trauma effectively, as well as why this is a key foundational factor to creating a better world.