Ep. 42 | Astral Genesis & Gates of The Annunaki with Jason Quitt

Curiosity and wonder are important states of mind and being to maintain, and today's guest is going to help us do just that. Jason Quitt presents his fascinating research into our past. As we explore ancient cultures and their artwork and motifs, it appears we are  seeing clues to an ancient language they coded into their relics. Could this be a sign of ancient advanced intelligence? Let's find out.

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In the episode:

- We explore a hidden language with ancient motifs from cultures all around the world

- The language relates to a profound understanding of Earth's cycles, positions in the sky, astrological alignments, and complex measurements of celestial bodies.

- The same "code" is seen amongst cultures with seemingly no contact with one another.

- We explore why this ancient language would have been so important to the 'esoteric classes' of people at the time.

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