Ep. 46 | Awakening Collective Consciousness with David Helfrich & Dr Madhava Setty

In this episode, I bring my friends Dr Madhava Setty & David Helfrich again as we hope to make these discussions a regular event.

This one was a lot of fun as we spoke about the themes of the recent solar eclipse and how it can bring about revelation and awakening within collective consciousness - little by little. 

We explore some recent cultural examples of shifts in how we think, relate to, and attune to the world. Examples include subjects around RFK Jr, the JFK assassination, 9/11, and mainstream media.

In the episode:

  • We explore the astronomical and astrological significance of the eclipse.

  • How happenings in the mainstream media world are awakening hosts and audiences.

  • An examination of perspectives around the upcoming US election. Exploring Trump, Biden and RFK Jr. Including the advocacy groups looking to oust RFK at all costs.

  • Larger collective themes of awakening and revelation, and what it may mean in the cycle of human consciousness evolution.

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