Ep. 47 | This is How We Change The World

Today I present a solocast about the phenomenon of emergent collective evolution.. that is to say, how our world changes as a result of us as people and the mysteries of our consciousness. Since our world, society, nature, and selves are complex systems/beings, we must embody this reality when thinking about our own personal transformation as well as our collective one.

I refer to a piece I wrote on my personal SubStack here: https://joemartino.substack.com/p/perhaps-this-is-what-it-will-take

In this episode:

- The importance of understand complex systems vs linear systems when it comes to personal transformation, collective transformation and nature.

- How the space of fundamental wellbeing produces emergent being and action in our local and collective field. This is where material change is born.

- The difference between linear striving for change, where we worry about the future, and having a deep trust in moment to moment change.

- How we can let go of the worry and anxiety associated with global problems that feel bigger than us and out of our immediate control.

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