Are We In The Midst of An Awakening In Collective Consciousness?


Before You Begin:  Take a breath. Turn your attention to your body and release any tension. Breathe slowly into the area of your heart for 60 seconds, focusing on feeling a sense of ease. Stay connected to your body as you read.  Click here  to learn why we suggest this.

These are undoubtedly some of the most thrilling periods in human existence.

We are witnessing epoch-making advancements across every scientific domain, each revelation inviting us to explore our tangible and intangible universe. Technological advancements are rapidly transforming the realm of possibility, helping to manifest many of our aspirations. Yet, the true exhilaration of these times lies in our proximity to unprecedented shifts in human consciousness.

This transformation in consciousness touches everything: how we connect with loved ones, our perspectives on wealth, the intensification of daily life, and our responses to our relationship with nature. Each aspect has us awakening to our utmost cognitive and spiritual capacities. It’s a call to each of us to reengage with the profound wisdom that sages and spiritual guides have imparted through millennia.

It's an exciting time to be alive... if we take the time to recognize that. 

It's easy to spotlight our attention on that which feels bad. That which feels like it's heavy and overwhelming. To look at ONLY the chaos in the world and lose sight of what it is reflecting to us in our moment.

The path toward inner peace and resilience, which is the space where inspired action and solution emerge, is to not lose sight of that which is whole within us. That which feels pure and well. We can spend so much time in our minds, phones, social media and even chasing wealth, that we forget to attune to what feels whole, pure and sacred within ourselves. To let life happen.

It's in these moments of becoming disconnected from my own life (and what I see when I work with clients) that it's easy to anchor into the chaos of the world and our current times. The truth is that acknowledging that there is chaos, but not letting it consume us, is the path to maintaining our resilience and connection to the sacred. 

Within this vein of reflection, I want to share a recent conversation I had with two friends on the CE Podcast.

In it, we explore some recent cultural examples of shifts in how we think, relate to, and attune to the world. Examples include subjects around RFK Jr, the JFK assassination, 9/11, and mainstream media.

Considering our earthly events from a bigger picture point of view provides an opportunity to feel more ease about what is taking place. It also tends to provide more clarity in my experience.

Have a listen to the episode below 

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