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In my trauma and nervous system health training I learned how to help clients stay in tune with their body and track their internal sensations.

This is one of the first steps to healing past wounds, survival stress, and anxiety. It helps us get back to our authentic self.

When we lose sight of our body, and we lose sight of how we truly feel. When we lose sight of how we feel, our emotions, experiences, and traumas gets trapped in our body.

This can cause us to lose sight of our natural impulses that tell us when something is enough, when we're hungry, or when it's time to rest.

The problem then snowballs as a repeating cycle.

But little habits each day can go a long way. And today I want to talk about nature.

Our modern world is centered on digital screens and concrete jungles. Culture today is consistently inviting us to lose track of our body through a fast paced and distractive environment.

It's creating a huge rise in anxiety, a loss of attention and memory, and a loss of connection.

It's not natural to us.

Nature is natural. Connecting with the beauty of a tree, a landscape, or the way the sunlight makes the snow on a tree branch twinkle, is natural.

Sights like this can bring a calming effect.

Take 15 seconds. When you look at that picture of the trees do you feel any different? What do you notice?

Nature is medicine for our minds and bodies, even in small doses. It can get us back in touch with the moment, with what is sacred - with what truly feels good.

And with a little intention, our body as well.

Try This

Today if there is one thing you can do, make a point to go for a walk outside, even if just for 10 minutes. While you're outside, be with your body.

How does the temperature feel on your skin?
How does the light affect your eyes?
How does it feel to transfer your weight to each foot as you walk?

Notice the subtleties.

Maybe at one point in your walk, put your hand on a tree. Do you feel anything?

In silence and connection, subtlety can contain a great deal of wisdom.

If a walk isn't possible today, go to a window and look out at even a single tree. Follow the same prompts above and see how you feel.

The path to healing and being in connection with our authentic self is often simple, but it takes doing these small little things.

Have fun.

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