Ep. 43 | Staying Grounded & Resilient in Chaotic Times

In this episode, I explore how we can stay grounded, generally happy, and embodied during chaotic times. I do so by exploring our autonomic nervous system and it's role in how we feel and see the world. I go over some techniques for building capacity and resilience in life while still engaging with the world and society.

Recall that the sympathetic system is not solely responsible for survival, but also provides energy and mobilisation to live our lives. Similarly, the Dorsal branch of the parasympathetic nervous system is there to provide a survival response when needed but also rest/digest/repair. The challenge is we can often become locked in the survival portions of these systems.


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If you feel overly Sympathetic oriented, try this:
HRV Breathing
Physiological Sigh

If you feel overly Dorsal oriented, try this:
Breath of Fire

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